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Privacy Policy

EasyWebHost.org cares about privacy and we take this subject extremely serious.
We have written our privacy policy in a manner that should make it easy for anyone to understand.

Our website

The biggest part of our websites does not use cookies or any analytics software. However, each time you connect to our website your IP address will be logged in our server log files. These files are deleted automaticly every 24 hours.

We use Google Adsense to monitize our website, while we have no control over the ads that are displayed and their behavior. We recomend all visitors to take a quick look at their privacy settings at Google.


We use our own custom control panel for our webhosting. This by default will place a cookie in your browser. There is sadly no way to use our service without accepting this cookie, however this can be completely destroyed by terminating the session once you're done.

When you use EasyWebHost service

By default we optionally require an email from everyone who wish to use our service. This is not stored online, but on a encrypted local system located in Norway. We do not share any information with third parties, or otherwise internally with ourself. This information is used to support you with problems you might have with our service.

Information handling

As long as you recive service from us your email address will be stored on a local encrypted system.
If service is terminated by user this information will be safely deleted at the same time as termination.
If the service is terminated by us the information will be safely deleted from our systems at the same time.
As user you may ask for the information we have, request a change or permanent deletion.

If you should have any concerns or questions about our privacy policy do not hesitate contacting our support team at the bottom of this page.