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Our custom easy to use web panel is also a helpful feature.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can you give hosting away for free?

There is no such thing as "free". We maintain a healthy "zero-income" line.
Which means that we result in "zero" every month, or atleast that is the idea.

My current webhost doesen't allow scripting, can i store scripts on EasyWebHost for hotlinking?

Yes, you can have us register a subdomain for you to host files that will be hotlinked.

Will EasyWebHost automaticly install SSL certificate?

Yes, we will issue an SSL certificate for your domain when we configure it on our servers.

Can EasyWebHost help me get my site up?

We are just a host, but if we have time we're more than happy to help! (If we can).

Do EasyWebHost provide free website templates?

Not at this moment, but the plan is that we are going to.

Can i set up a webhosting business and take paid for EasyWebHost's free service?

No, doing this will cause us to terminate the website(s) that have paid you for the service.